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By Steve Jamieson

The only pathway to dominating Amazon is by disruption.

Other alternative income opportunities have had record-setting exponential growth during the same three-year period in which direct sales companies have struggled to evolve.

New compensation plans have to look different, feel different, be different.

In 1999, a record 457 companies went public and doubled in value on their very first day of trading. By October of 2002, those very same companies had lost on average 78 percent of their total net worth. The dot-com bubble had officially burst.

The following year, Walmart—the Goliath of retail marketing—held a board meeting to evaluate the fallout. One of the companies that received attention that day was a lone dot-com still attracting investment interest. This company had burned more cash before the crash than virtually any other company, but was still standing because it had focused on acquiring a rare commodity during the dot-com era: a paying customer.

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